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Vehicle Weighing Solutions

Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd (VWS) specializes in the design, manufacture, installation and service of on-board weighing, bin weighing and axle load protection systems.

Widely regarded as the UK market leader, VWS design and manufacture their own systems including ENVIROWEIGH – Bin Weighing System-, the first truly British dynamic weights and measures approved bin-weighing system in the UK.

Vehicle Overload Protection System

Vehicle Weighing Solutions has developed a sophisticated, yet simple solution that can be fitted to most types/categories of vehicle, whether the suspension is steel, air or spring. The VOPS™ 2 vehicle overload protection system is an extremely reliable enclosed measurement system that does not rely on springs or transducers.

The simple M350S indicator gives the driver accurate loading information when and where it is needed. Using a clear and bright organic LED display, the M350S is an easy to read lightweight indicator, which ideal for use in any vehicle.

The compact design fits neatly into radio slots and looks equally as good cab mounted. It displays a percentage of load on front and rear axles and is packed with standard features including high security, anti-tamper password operation and on-screen diagnostics. The display is also available in a water-proof mount, for external use.

MacPac Refuse bodies and Stewart Commercials have a technical partnership that allows for installation , maintenance & repair of a variety of the VWS products. Many existing MacPac 65 bodies & 110 Bodies already have the Enviroweigh system successfully installed and demand has increased for this product with the impending April 2016 & April 2017 Food Waste Regulations. For more information contact or