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The Mactip model currently comes in two sizes 9m3 and 15 m3. The body is built as a tipping non compaction refuse collection vehicle.

These bodies can be used for a number of different applications but its primarily designed with collection of glass and food waste in mind.

Loading can be done via single or double bin lifts to suit 80-1100ltr bins or by hand loading door via doors either side. The bin lift can also come in pod form.

The body is constructed from high grade steel and has a hardox floor for increased durability and its efficient design gives a great payload allowing the body to be mounted on smaller vehicles boosting your company’s payload to fuel consumption ratio.

For glass collection, the body will come with angled loading plate, lowered waste drop height into hopper, lined loading aperture and low rave height of discharge all for noise reduction.

Body has a fully sealed rubber rear door with 4 compression locks.

Safety features we have as standard on our bodies will consist of:-

  • Lifter and tipper interlocks
  • Body tip interlock when loaded
  • Body and lifter up alarm on move off.

Bodies compatible with under body and bin lifter weighing systems.
Side loading can also be advantageous in rural or carriage way collection areas were the operators are better protected from incidents involving rear impact.

This is a brief overview of what Macpac Refuse Bodies has to offer in our new mactip models. Please contact us if you have any further questions or would like to know of other options we can offer or if we have bespoke solutions you may require.